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The Life in Us - An Utopian Arcadia (2012 - 2013)

24 pictures, unfocused head shots. Each portrait corresponds  with a view box, their individual Arcadian desire. The longing for the place, the warmth, the crib which these homeless, loveless, roofless, heimat-less ones left on their search for the promised Arcadia and which, after the Big Disappointment, they want to return to. The pictures themselves are (on purpose) unfocussed; the viewboxes simple, which is precisely the point: this is an Ellis Island of so many nameless who hoped to make it in a perfect world, but who underestimated the ruthlessness of Utopia.

Precisely because the head shots are not of real people, but those of toy figurines, the message is darkened: even utopian fiction will not save you from this world.​

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