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Are you there ?

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On view until June 2, at CC Zwaneberg - Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium) 

finissage this Sunday 2/06 between 2pm and 5pm - Welcome!

Visiting hours

The installation 'Are you there?' of photographs, delicate sculptures and a video orchestrates a journey that resounds with echoes of musings and existential inquiry. On the surface lies a narrative resonance that harkens back to the timeless story of the 'being' created by Dr. Frankenstein. A misunderstood being, shunned for its outward appearance but inside it harbors an intensity of goodness. The creature, like the viewer, seeks a deep connection with its environment, a sense of belonging and the elusive embrace of love. The creator's act of excluding the 'being' becomes a metaphorical mirror for the judgments and prejudices that pervade human interactions. In the video, a small, modest robot figure comes to life. With a computer-generated voice, this robot begins to speak and contemplate. These musings wander through the complicated corridors of life and touch on themes such as love, emotion, loneliness, empathy and, above all, the enigmatic question: 'Are you there?'

On Sunday April 14, I was a guest in 'Touche' on Radio 1. Listen to the conversation here.

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